Cap, Gown & Tassel: I’m Graduating!

Friday is the big day.

I’m finally graduating from the University of Florida! Though I should be studying for my final exam, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take some fun photos to celebrate my final week as an undergrad – especially since I’ve envisioned these photos since the moment I first stepped foot on campus. 

In Gainesville, taking grad photos in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is a right of passage – one I’ve eagerly awaited for 4 years.


I mean, let’s be real, so much of my college career was spent in The Swamp. Before I was even a student, I sat in the stands on a campus tour, listening to tales of Tim Tebow and championships, as I learned the proper Gator chomp. I attended the “largest student-run pep rally in the world,” Gator Growl, and was both delighted and terrified by an amazing fireworks display. In all kinds of weather, I cheered and cried my way through glorious Gator wins and heart-wrenching losses.

It’s no question some of my favorite memories were formed on these hallowed grounds – making it all the more perfect that my photos (and not to mention my graduation ceremony) will share the same backdrop.


As I designed my grad cap, I thought long and hard about what I wanted. I felt the need to make a statement, but most of all I wanted it to perfectly reflect me. I’m often asked why I chose “AllonsyAlexa” for my website and social media handles – what does that mean? Plainly, “allons-y” translates to “let’s go,” in French. However, the phrase itself was the tagline for the tenth doctor, David Tennant, on Doctor Who. As a big Doctor Who fan (and an even bigger David Tennant fan), AllonsyAlexa just felt like the perfect fit. I went with the name, and it kind of just stuck. It’s become my very own brand and identity.

So naturally, what better place for a little self-promotion than in front of 30,000 potential employers on graduation day 😉.


On Friday, April 29th, I’ll officially call myself a University of Florida alumna – 4 years, 2 degrees, and 1 graduate certificate later. I’m done.




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