Throwback: Seven Magic Mountains

I love road trips — minus the whole driving part. That’s typically where Kevin comes in. He loves driving. By now, he’s realized the best way to get me in the car for long trips is to sweeten the deal by offering something I love (like Instagram-able pit stops).

When we started planning our road trip to Las Vegas, I knew we had to make a stop along the way for Seven Magic Mountains. Seven neon towers of stacked boulders in the middle of the desert? Count me in.

I was first mesmerized by the 30-foot high art installation last summer. Pure Instagram gold. At that time, it was just another thing I had added to a very long list of “must-see” spots. I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to check something off my list during this trip.

Only about 30 minutes from Vegas, Seven Magic Mountains are perfectly located for a quick stop before heading into your weekend vacation. We obviously took advantage of the blue, cloudless skies for a very bright photo shoot.

What’s on your pit-stop bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!



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