Throwback Thursday – Treat Yo Self

I promised to re-post some of my favorite content from my previous blog, so I’m bringing back “Treat Yo Self Thursday!”

“Parks and Recreation” is one of my favorite shows. While watching I grew rather fond of the “treat yo self” way of life. What better way to treat myself then to tackle one of my favorite sweet treats, macarons.

Macarons are usually quite pricey if bought from specialty bake shops. I have tried making macarons before to satisfy my cravings, and although they were edible, they were not presentable. This time, I took the extra care to make sure they were picture-worthy. With a couple of helpful tips from Sprinkles for Breakfast, I think I nailed the time-consuming little cookies.

Happy baking!

Vanilla Macarons via Sprinkles for Breakfast

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