LA Wall Crawl

I take immense pride in finding the most Instagram-worthy spots. So it should be no surprise I’ve been known to actively seek out the best and brightest walls in the area. Since moving to LA I’ve been able to expand my “pictures in front of cool walls” portfolio.

Lucky for me, there seems to be no shortage of lifesize murals and fabulous street art ready to be captured. From a neon pink wall to three-story “California Dreaming” mural, I’ll round up my current top 5 favorite spots.

The Pink Wall

Paul Smith – 8221 Melrose Ave.

Blue/Aqua/Yellow/Black/Red Wall

Villains Tavern Parking Lot – Intersection of S. Santa Fe Ave & Willow Street

California Dreaming Mural

Chinese Laundry – 3485 La Cienega Blvd

Love Wall

Smashbox Studios – 8549 Higuera Street

LaLa Land Soundtrack Cover (Featured Image)*

Carrera Cafe – 8251 Melrose Ave.

*This wall changes periodically. Be sure to check their Instagram to see what their latest design is!


Was there a must-see wall I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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